Thursday, May 17, 2007

Renaissance Feather Fan

Elizabethan Renaissance Feather Fan

$24.00 and up

Sizes and colors vary. Special orders available. See below for my Etsy and Ebay store information.

These feather fans are custom made. The handles are hand crafted, not factory reproduced and painted gold for a period "gilt" look.

Additonal styles and colors available.

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Fairy Jewelry

Fairy amethyst and silver choker necklace.


Many styles and colors available.

See below for my Etsy and Ebay store information for better selection.

Lovely fairy on pearl dangle earrings.


More styles and colors available!

Fairy filigree necklace.

This simple but elegant necklace is available in several different color choices.

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Renaissance Earrings

Sapphire blue earrings with teardrop pearl and gold filigree.

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Other colors available. Custom orders upon request.

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